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You probably understand that there are a number of things you should do if you’d like to protect your teeth and gums. Similarly, you may also understand that there are some conditions can actually affect your mouth. For example, are you aware that acid reflux could actually lead to a number of dental issues?

As you may have already heard, acid could actually spread into your mouth and throat if you have acid reflux. In other words, your teeth will be exposed to the acids that should remain in your stomach and these stomach acids might break down the outer layer of your pearly whites. If this layer, known as enamel, weakens or wears down, you may be more susceptible to problems such as decay and cavities. Sadly, if your decay isn’t treated, it may spread to your other teeth.

Naturally, there are several options you could try to protect your teeth and to keep your enamel healthy and strong. You should visit our dental team for regular appointments, which will give us a chance to revert your enamel erosion before it becomes too serious. Furthermore, there are many foods and drinks that can also wear down your enamel, such as acidic drinks and foods. If you do eat or drink anything acidic, please rinse your teeth with water after.

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