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No matter the condition of your teeth, dental crowns can provide an additional layer of protection against tooth decay. In addition, they can provide the wonderful service of a clean, natural look that can restore a lost smile and enhance your mouth’s aesthetic beauty. Don’t let damaged teeth stop you from having the smile you deserve. With proper care and maintenance, teeth restored with dental crowns can provide you with satisfaction that can last a lifetime.

Are you a victim of an oral accident? If so, repair your smile with dental crowns. Here are some helpful benefits dental crowns can provide:

– Teeth irregularities in shape, size, color, curvature, fit, or alignment, can be fixed and protected with dental crowns.

– For teeth that have been cracked or split, dental crowns can bond them together.

– Over time, teeth can wear down from decay, or from grinding your teeth as the result of disorders such as bruxism. Dental crowns can help prevent further wear or decay from occurring.

– Weak teeth or teeth damaged from cracks, chips, or frays can be protected and enhanced with dental crowns.

– Dental crowns are a superb choice for concealing and further protecting various other dental services you may have had, such as dental bridges, fillings, dental implants, or root canals.

– Dental crowns can also provide aesthetic enhancements with the look of your damaged teeth.

– Dental crowns can offer cosmetic enhancements such as improving or concealing the look of unsightly teeth.

Dr. Joseph Younger and our team here at Arden Dental Group are prepared to improve your smile for many years to come. If you are interested in learning more about dental crowns, you can schedule an oral exam by contacting us at 828-684-9260. Our office is in Arden, North Carolina. We look forward to making all your smile’s dreams come true!