6 (Mini) New Year’s Resolutions to Improve Dental Health

It’s that time of year again – resolutions time. Over 43% of New Year’s resolutions are health or weight related, but here’s how you can make a promise to take better care of your oral health this coming year.

First things first, New Year’s resolutions should be broken down into baby steps that are easily measurable. “I’d like to loose weight” is a goal for a lot of people, but that goal should have a number that you can track. For example, a better resolution would be “I’d like to loose 25 pounds this year.” Now, you just need to break that down. You’re not going to accomplish your whole goal on the first attempt, and breaking it into smaller steps will keep you motivated. “I’d like to loose 25 pounds this year” is a better goal than “I’d like to loose weight,” but an even better goal would be “I’m going to loose 2 pounds each month this year.” Two pounds per month is less overwhelming than 25 pounds.

Now, apply that to your dental health. If your goal is “to have a happier healthier mouth,” or “to avoid gum disease,” here are some steps to make that goal manageable.

  1. Make it a mini-goal to brush twice a day. Your dentist can help you determine which toothbrush and toothpaste you should be using to ensure the best results. Replace toothbrushes every 3 to 4 months.
  2. Make a mini-goal to floss everyday. Flossing helps to remove plaque and food matter that have accumulated in areas that your toothbrush can’t reach. If you find it difficult to reach your back teeth when flossing, ask Dr. Deines, Dr. Huffman or Dr. Clark for personalized recommendations for the size and shape of your mouth.
  3. Schedule, and keep, two dental cleanings for 2019. Even those of us who brush and floss everyday still need the help of a professional to get squeaky clean. Visiting the dentist is also the best way to check for gum disease, cavities, oral cancer and any other oral problem.
  4. Talk with the Arden Dental Group doctors about restorative work. If you’ve been putting off fillings, crowns or implants, now is the time to act. Putting off dental work can be more detrimental. Just like with any ailment, early detection is key and prolonging treatment may cause more damage that will require more extensive work to correct.
  5. Make is a goal to quit smoking or using tobacco products. Discontinue cigarette smoking and smokeless tobacco to improve overall health. Consider online programs, progress apps, and support from groups to assist with saying no.
  6. Get a whiter smile. While whitening your teeth isn’t imperative to your dental health, it can help you to feel better about your smile. Enjoying how your smile looks can also be a friendly reminder to care for it daily.

Your oral health is important to your overall health and should be a priority. Schedule an appointment with Arden Dental Group today. We will help make your New Year’s resolutions more attainable and get your healthy smile ready for the whole year!

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