The Approaching Cold Weather May Be Good for Your Dental Insurance

Dental insurance plans have annual benefits. Know what they are and when the benefits period ends.

Preventive care is the focus of most dental plans, and because of this, many will cover the entire cost of your regular exams and cleanings. Insurance isn’t something that people love to think about, even though it’s a necessity. The majority of us have a similar feeling about going to the dentist, even though that too, is extremely necessary.

With a lot of insurance benefits wrapping up at the end of a calendar year, it’s a great time to take advantage of them while you have them! It’s always a good idea to find out when your benefit period ends and schedule your dental care accordingly. 

Insurance deductibles matter. Do you know where you are with yours?

Insurance deductibles are the amount that you have to pay out-of-pocket during each benefits year before dental care above cleanings and exams will begin to be covered.

If you’ve met your deductible for the current benefits period, now is the time to schedule any in-depth dental work that you’ve been putting off. Scheduling these procedures after your deductible has been met, greatly lowers what you’ll have to pay out-of-pocket. If you procrastinate until your benefits period resets, you’ll be starting all over with larger bills upfront next year.

Know your insurance plan’s annual maximum and plan accordingly.

It’s probably that your dental insurance carries an annual maximum. That limit depends on the specific plan that you’ve selected and usually ranges from $1,000 to $3,000. That’s a big difference, so it’s important to know exactly what yours is set at.

Once you go over this maximum amount, your insurance will no longer cover any additional cost. To get the most out of your dental insurance before the year ends, double-check your plan’s limit and figure out how much you have left before you hit the maximum.

Schedule an appointment now to save money.

If you still have dental benefits remaining for this period, now is the best time to schedule your appointment for any in-depth dental work. Even if you’re just needing a cleaning or exam, scheduling these now can save you from having costly dental emergencies on your next benefits period when your deductible starts over.

Don’t have dental insurance? Don’t worry.

Our dental savings plan can help you afford the care you need. It’s not insurance… It’s better!

Membership fees are $349 per person and $289 for each additional family member, or $1,125 for a family of four or more.

What you get with the Dental Savings Plan:

• Dental Savings Plan members save 15% on all dental care in our office. There are no waiting periods, no exclusions, and no annual maximums.

• All services are covered – including Invisalign, implants, and cosmetic dentistry.

• Dental Savings Plan members are also offered payment plans are available for qualified members.

• The 15% discount will be applied when fees are paid in full at the time of service. 

Schedule an appointment now, or give us a call if you have questions about our Dental Savings Plan! We hope to see you soon.

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