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When we place a dental filling at Arden Dental Group, it is intended to last several years; however, age and poor dental health can cause both amalgam and composite material to weaken. Furthermore, the original tooth enamel that surrounds the filling is still vulnerable to tooth decay. If you have a filling that you suspect has become weakened or is surrounded by tooth decay, you may benefit from a dental crown at Arden Dental Group.

Some telltale signs that tooth decay has affected a dental filling and the surrounding tooth structure include a grayed look to the tooth enamel, changes in the tooth structure, and heightened tooth sensitivity.

The first step Dr. Joseph Younger takes is to determine if a dental crown will benefit your smile. With the help of our team, he examines the tooth and any tooth decay. If a dental crown is an optimal treatment, he will need to first remove the decayed tooth structure and weakened filling with the help of a dental drill. The remaining structure is shaped like a post to provide a natural anchor for your crown–this structure is known as an abutment.

We then create a detailed impression from the abutment and its surrounding teeth to send an accurate model to our dental lab so that they can create a custom-made dental crown. Meanwhile, a temporary dental crown can be attached to the abutment to provide protection.

At your follow-up visit to our dentist, he will remove the temporary crown and cement the permanent crown onto the abutment. After a brief visit, your new smile is complete. Please feel welcome to contact our office] at 828-684-9260 today if your dental filling has an issue and you suspect you may need a dental crown in Arden, North Carolina.