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When plaque produces harmful acids that eat at the tooth enamel, it can create small holes in the teeth called cavities. Be aware of signs of cavities such as tooth stains, tooth sensitivity to cold and heat and a persistent toothache. Without the proper treatment, you can develop a tooth infection, dental pain and tooth loss from a cavity.

We offer some effective oral care habits you can practice to reduce the risk of cavities and have improved oral health:

– Use your toothbrush twice a day. Your toothbrush helps to clean away plaque that is on the teeth and can’t be removed by water alone.

– A fluoride toothpaste can help. By using products with fluoride, you can help your teeth avoid cavities because this natural substance helps improve your tooth enamel.

– Floss your teeth daily. Flossing is the most effective way to remove plaque trapped between the teeth, which is why it needs to be practiced daily in order to protect your smile.

– Eat foods low in sugar. Plaque loves sticky and sugary food because it uses these substances to produce acid that weakens tooth enamel. If your diet is low in sugar, there is less risk of damage being done to the tooth enamel.

– Avoid frequent soda intake and snacking. Frequent consumption of snacks and sugary drinks produces a lot of sugar on your teeth that feeds plaque and leads to oral acid.

– Schedule dental checkups every six months. By visiting the dentist, you can receive dental exams and cleanings to screen for cavities and protect your smile.

– Ask about dental sealants and fluoride supplements. You are welcome to speak with Dr. Joseph Younger about whether protective dental services are ideal for your teeth and oral health.

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