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Dentures are beneficial, natural-looking appliances that can replace your missing teeth, whether you have a gummy smile or just a few missing teeth. To help you know a little more about this appliance, our dentist, Dr. Joseph Younger, is happy to tell you how dentures are created.

Complete dentures are made after your dentist prepares your mouth. Your mouth is prepared by extracting your remaining natural teeth, which is necessary to make room for the appliance. Then, your dentist will make impressions of the teeth and will send those impressions to the dental lab technicians who will create your denture. It will be made to suction to the roof of the mouth. When it’s ready, it will be sent to our clinic and you will come try it on. There is a good chance your dentist will make any adjustments as necessary.

For a partial denture, your dentist will also take impressions and measurements of your mouth, including the smile and jaw. That information will be sent to the dental lab where your partial denture will be made by technicians. The technicians will make a denture that has one or more false teeth. They will also make the appliance so it can clasp onto the surrounding natural teeth. When it’s sent back, your dentist will make sure it provides top-notch results.

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