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Your mouth produces lots of saliva as a crucial factor in protecting your teeth and gums to prevent dental problems. In fact, saliva is responsible for cleaning the teeth after you eat to remove excess food and bacteria particles. Saliva can also reduce your risk of dry mouth, which otherwise can increase the likelihood of plaque, tooth decay and bad breath. We offer information on how to treat dry mouth after recognizing its effects in your mouth.

Certain lifestyle factors can act as causes of dry mouth, and these include using medications that dry out your mouth by reducing saliva, smoking regularly and rarely drinking water. You can recognize chronic dry mouth and seek treatment by checking your oral health for telltale signs such as:

– Persistent thirst
– Lips that feel dry
– Development of sores in the mouth
– Dryness in the throat
– Trouble swallowing
– A tongue that looks red
– Frequent bad breath

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, we encourage you to schedule a dental exam with the dentist to discuss potential treatments for dry mouth. Sometimes, lifestyle changes can help, such as drinking more water to prevent dehydration, using an artificial saliva to keep your mouth from drying out and asking our dentist and your doctor about changing your prescription or using alternative medications that treat your health condition without causing dry mouth.

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