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Teeth Cleaning

Teeth cleaning properly at home with regular visits to Arden Dental Group in Asheville, North Carolina, is the easiest way to avoid painful and costly issues with your teeth. The experienced dentists and technicians perform a thorough clean, descale, and polish, and check for any problems every time you go for teeth cleaning. To arrange your next session, call Arden Dental Group today or use the online booking form.

Why is teeth cleaning important?

Keeping your teeth as clean as possible is the best defense against oral health problems like gum disease and tooth decay. That means you need to get into a good routine of twice-daily brushing and regular flossing to avoid these problems.

At-home care isn’t the end of the story, though, as you also need a professional cleaning at least twice a year. The team at Arden Dental Group can give your teeth a deep clean and spot any problems with your teeth or gums at the same time.

What happens during teeth cleaning?

Teeth cleaning and routine exams are the most basic yet critically important forms of preventive dental care. Every time you visit Arden Dental Group for a checkup, your provider performs a comprehensive program of teeth cleaning and a dental exam to ensure your smile stays healthy.

During the teeth cleaning and exam, your provider cleans your teeth of any tartar, a substance that encourages gum disease and tooth decay. Tarter is hard and needs scraping off professionally. Then your provider flosses your teeth and gives them a polish. The exam also involves checking for early signs of problems with your teeth or gums. 

Teeth cleaning at the dentist shouldn't cause any pain. However, it might feel odd, and your jaw may ache a little.

Does teeth cleaning include other treatments?

Your teeth cleaning session might include a fluoride treatment that gives your teeth extra protection from decay for a few months. The fluoride gel or paste goes into a mouthpiece over your teeth just for a minute, and then your teeth get a fluoride varnish.

Another possible treatment is a dental sealant. Your dentist brushes the liquid sealant over the teeth where it dries to form a seal against bacteria, helping prevent infection and tooth decay.

Patients at Arden Dental Group further benefit from having a screening for oral cancer and routine dental X-rays to assess both teeth and mouth from the inside.

The difference in the way your teeth feel after professional cleaning makes regular visits to the dentist a pleasure. If you need to book teeth cleaning, call Arden Dental Group today or schedule a consultation online.