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When you smoke, you’re not only hurting your lungs: you’re also hurting your teeth and gums. Because smoking may impair flows of blood, your gums may not be getting the amounts of oxygen and other nutrients they need when you smoke, making them more vulnerable to disease.

If you smoke or use tobacco, here are further motives behind why you should consider giving up the habit:

-Smoking increases your odds of developing gum disease.
-Harmful chemicals in smoke harm the immune system and infect gums, a combo very dangerous to your oral health.
-Nicotine is toxic to the building of connective tissues and a proponent of chemicals that harm those tissues.
-Your chances for effective periodontal disease healing are lowered and drawn out when you smoke or use tobacco.
-Smokers are extra likely to develop oral cancers than are non-smokers.

Make no mistake about it, smoking is bad for your health. We also accept that quitting is definitely not easy. If you would like help or additional tips about stopping smoking, the team at Arden Dental Group would love to help you. Please set up your next appointment with Dr. Joseph Younger now by calling our Arden, North Carolina, practice at 828-684-9260. We’ll be glad to see you soon!