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A single chipped tooth needs care and repair to prevent tooth decay from forming in the chipped tooth enamel. This can often be accomplished by having Dr. Joseph Younger apply a single filling. However, there are some instances where multiple teeth can get chipped. This might be a result of grinding your teeth or an accidental blow to the face.

After the initial trauma has passed, you will likely be interested in exploring your treatment, repair or restoration options.

If any of the chips are large or compromise a significant amount of tooth enamel, Dr. Joseph Younger will likely recommend restoring all of the tooth enamel with a crown.

If one or more teeth is deeply chipped and actually causing you pain then Arden Dental Group might need to perform a root canal to remove the damaged internal structures of the tooth, before fitting it with a crown.

If you have multiple teeth with chips in your smile, and the chips are small, Dr. Joseph Younger might be able to fit you for a set of porcelain dental veneers. These are porcelain shells that cover the faces of the teeth. They will effectively address the chips, while also giving you a white and winning smile.

If you have chips on one or more teeth and you would like to explore your treatment, repair and restoration options, you should call Dr. Joseph Younger’s office in Arden, North Carolina at 828-684-9260 to set up an appointment.