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If you have a toothache, then you can visit our skilled dentist for treatment options like dental fillings or root canal therapy. However, in ancient and medieval times, they didn’t have the knowledge of dental care that we do today, so their toothache remedies were . . . unusual, to say the least. Check out a few of these wacky, archaic toothache remedies.

Froggy Compress

Kissing a frog may turn him into a prince in a fairy tale, but if you had a toothache in medieval times, then you would spit in the frog’s mouth instead! After the spitting, people would take the frog and hold it against their cheek over the aching area, like you would with a cold compress.

Getting An Earful Of Onions

Another strange toothache remedy used in the middle ages involved an onion. For some reason, people believed that holding an onion against your ear would cure dental pain.

Smooching A Donkey

Though people in medieval times didn’t kiss frogs to turn them into princes, they had no qualms about smooching a donkey to cure a toothache! Another use of donkeys and oral hygiene occurred in Ancient Greece, when their milk was commonly used as a mouthwash.

Luring Out A Tooth Worm With Honey

Sugary foods like honey often contribute to dental problems, but in the middle ages, people would smear it over an aching tooth in order to draw out the tooth worm. They believed that a tiny worm lived in the mouth and caused toothaches and cavities. After applying the honey, they would stay up all night, holding a pair of tweezers ready to snatch out the tooth worm.