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It’s actually fairly common for patients to develop a habit of grinding their teeth, especially if they are children or experience a lot of anger and stress. This habit can even occur during sleep so that they don’t even notice their tendency for tooth grinding. Chronic tooth grinding is known as bruxism, and while it’s often not serious for children, it can damage the smile of an adult over time.

Oral night guards are a common method to address nightly teeth grinding and prevent damage that would otherwise occur. Some common signs of tooth grinding include morning jaw pain, toothaches and headaches just about every day.

Dr. Joseph Younger is happy to meet with you to determine if you should wear a night guard and help you choose an effective appliance to treat bruxism. For example, over-the-counter stock night guards can be found in many stores.These are boiled at home and then bitten into after they cool a little so that they conform to your mouth shape. Alternatively, you are welcome to visit our office for a custom night guard that we arrange to be created with quality materials in a professional dental lab to ensure it fits your smile securely and comfortably.

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